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Your finish wears thin as your stories get told.
My name is Caleigh and I'm a 25 year old fat chick currently living in Edmonton. I enjoy high quality body jewelry, loud music, altering my appearance and fuzzy animals. I whine a lot and post a lot of selfies with my cat. #cozythecat

I’m laying here restless and stressed out. They definitely go hand in hand and it’s not fair.

I got a ride to and from work today, simply because my roommate happened to be going that way, and a coworker happened to be heading to my neck of the woods after work, which saved me a two hour bus ride each way. That was nice, but the whole day I was extremely anxious and easily agitated.

I miss someone, and I haven’t been able to really communicate with them as much as i would like to, recently. I feel empty without them.

Tomorrow is a big day for a lot of reasons.


Transphobia and cissexism are not tolerated on this blog, under any circumstance. If you can’t respect someone’s gender identity, then consider this me showing you the door.