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Your finish wears thin as your stories get told.
My name is Caleigh and I'm a 25 year old fat chick currently living in Edmonton. I enjoy high quality body jewelry, loud music, altering my appearance and fuzzy animals. I whine a lot and post a lot of selfies with my cat. #cozythecat


"I’ll always be there" is probably the worst joke I’ve ever heard besides "Never again."

kaaitty whispered:

Babe <3

Look who’s talking😍

Anonymous whispered:

So.. You and Fred?

Yeah! We run a business together. We do Juggalo weddings.

I’ll die happy as long as I get to hear Fred say “google” once a day for the rest of my life.

I want you and you are not here.

Carol Ann Duffy, from “Miles Away   (via m-i-nt-leaves)
Anonymous whispered:

Do you find any of your friends cute


Caleigh is cute, don’t know if someone more is, have few friends haha 

Awe yee #swag