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Your finish wears thin as your stories get told.
My name is Caleigh and I'm a 25 year old fat chick currently living in Edmonton. I enjoy high quality body jewelry, loud music, altering my appearance and fuzzy animals. I whine a lot and post a lot of selfies with my cat. #cozythecat
love and regret are memories made: awfulmodifications: (SOURCE)SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: Are these healthy...




SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: Are these healthy lobes? She says they are, should my lobes look like that cuz im worried that they dont now.



No, those are not healthy lobes. They’re pretty…

i want to know why someone thinks iv said this lobe is healthy? its not,you know,beens as half of it was ripped off on a fucking roller coster,haha the comments,all im going to say is at least i dont look like a lesbian who goes out with a child.”

Welp, i’m not ashamed to look like a lesbian considering being a lesbian is nothing to be ashamed of, however I would be ashamed if I looked like I was standing too close to a hot topic jewelry case when it exploded.